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Statement In Response to Claims Conference-Germany Negotiations – July 13, 2017

Once again, the Claims Conference announcement of their so-called negotiations will mean little to thousands of survivors in dire need of serious health care, mental health care and all the rest of the services they currently are deprived of for lack of the resources Germany should have provided to so many deserving of help.

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Protesting the Golf Tournament in Boca Raton in 2016 sponsored by Allianz, the Company which insured Nazi death camps and profited from the genocide of European Jews.

Statement by Jack Rubin to US House of Representatives

Jack Rubin’s Testimony to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs
September 18, 2014

This past May, the Administration’s Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues, and her colleagues, travelled to South Florida to meet with the survivor community, the adult children of survivors many of whom are caretakers, and the Jewish Family and Children’s’ Services professionals who have the prime responsibility to administer what little funds exist for survivors.  These meetings took place in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach.   I am proud that in each community the survivors and family members were united in our report: there is simply not enough funding available to meet the needs that we know about much less the problems faced by so many destitute survivors too embarrassed to seek help. 

While we were encouraged by the caring attitude that the Administration’s people brought, we are very concerned that their agenda is far too limited, i.e. focused solely on   making federal programs work better for survivors.  Well, that is a laudable and long overdue goal, and we offered what support we could.  However, it would be tragic of the Administration lost sight of the big picture and the urgency of the needs of survivors today which can only be addressed by substantial increases in funding from Germany and other culpable Holocaust countries and profiteers.  We implored the White House representatives to urge the President and Vice President to take a leadership position and bring our concerns to Chancellor Merkel personally.   

We know social service agencies and local leaders throughout the United States charged with the responsibility to provide care for survivors have to manage with insufficient resources.  But their hands seem to be tied when it comes to the most significant obstacles facing survivors.  Why don’t they speak up and support the survivors seeking to hold Germany responsible for providing the complete current amounts of funds survivors desperately need.  Why do retired German WWII veterans and even SS officers receive ample pensions and complete health care coverage, when Holocaust survivors are forced to choose between paying for food or medicine, and cannot pay for dental care, home care, utilities, home care, and other basic needs?   This isn’t right.  

Maybe, after this hearing and the Committee’s work, the White House will immediately build on the acknowledgement that the needs are great, and use its unique authority to deliver the comprehensive financial support that survivors need and deserve. 


HSF-USA vigorously opposes the re-appointment of Stuart Eizenstat as Special Adviser for Holocaust Issues by Secretary of State John Kerry.

In 2009, Mr. Eizenstat became the “Chief Negotiator” for the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC), a non-survivor NGO which has for well over a decade been deservedly criticized by Holocaust survivors for its policies that have caused massive harm to indigent survivors, its lack of transparency and accountability in the handling of Holocaust-related properties and funds, its grossly excessive executive salaries, its use of restitution funds for pet projects including grants to board members and cronies of organization officials, and its opposition to Holocaust survivors’ legal rights to recover unpaid insurance policies sold to our parents and grandparents, among other outrages.